Carnahan Dexter Property Management

Carnahan Dexter Property Management has served communities from Ventura County to Burbank to the Westside of Los Angeles for over 60 years. We manage residential, commercial, and industrial properties by maintaining residences, businesses, and apartment complexes and enhancing property values. We have a dedicated, experienced team of professionals who oversee a variety of accounts using state-of-the-art technologies and always researching innovative methods to improve their services.


Our property management services include: single family residences, townhouses or condominiums, commercial storefront or shopping centers, office buildings, industrial units or multi-tenant parks, apartment complexes, and homeowner associations.

Additionally, we:

Successful management:

More Than Sixty Years Serving Owners


•  Prompt response & availability

•  Tenant screening

•  Market surveys to make sure maximum income is achieved

•  On-site inspections

•  Property supervision

•  24-hour response to property emergencies

•  Experienced and courteous staff

•  Fully-staffed office during business hours


Our full range of services include:


a) Decades of experienced tenant screening protocols

b) C.P.A. overseen financial accounting including payments for property taxes, insurance, vendors, utilities and property maintenance

c) California State licensed building contractor on staff (Lic. # 922704)

d) Full service California Real Estate Brokers on staff

e) Maintenance and repair workers at extremely competitive rates as part of the company

f) Experience in all types of properties, commercial, residential, and industrial

g) Initial landlord-tenant property legal advice available at no charge


•  Interface and coordinate eviction processing with attorneys

•  Renovate problem properties

•  Handle city inspections

•  Manage rental code issues

•  Process insurance claims

•  Have multi-lingual staff members who speak English, Spanish, and Russian

•  Have access to landlord-tenant specialized legal counsel

Carnahan Dexter Property Management employs a dedicated team of employees who are well-versed in all the aspects of property management, having a cumulative nearly 100 years of experience.


We are continually improving our services.

We are also experienced at choosing appropriate apartment managers and property maintenance personnel. Our team supervises these positions for you.

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